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Employee suspended for racist tweets following Euros 2020

An employee of Saville Estate Agents is suspended after (allegedly) posting racist tweets on his social media account. But, just like shaggy, he says…’It wasn’t me’! What are the risks for businesses? On the one hand, if the employee has more than two years’ service he is protected from being…


EU deems UK ‘adequate’ – Victory for UK businesses

On 28 June 2021 the EU Commission made an announcement on the adequacy decision of the United Kingdom concluding that the UK’s data protection legislation, which incorporates the EU’s GDPR, was adequate. This decision is very positive for the country and especially for business who operate in the UK but…


Mandatory Covid vaccines for care workers

The government are preparing to announce a mandatory covid vaccination for all care staff caring for older people with staff being required to have the jab within the next 16 weeks or face the consequences. The Care sector is facing a recruitment crisis and experts predict the new rules are…


Socialising whilst off sick…what’s your view?

Mr Kane, worked as a driver for Debmat and suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He had had several absences from work inlucidng in March 2020. On this occasion, he was spotted by a colleague (Mr Johnson) standing outside a social club smoking. He appeared to have been hiding…


Not your average management buyout

Management Buyouts (MBO’s) are a great “win-win” for both a selling shareholder and senior management of a company who are looking to have a stake in the business. They can take many forms, from a simple buyout whereby the shares in the company are simply transferred from the seller to…


Risk v Reward
A guide to deferred consideration and earn-outs

Most of the time it will be preferable for a share or business sale to result in a clean break with all consideration being paid on the completion date. However there are situations where this is not possible or even the best way to structure the deal. These include scenarios…


Settlement Agreements – some frequently asked questions

Some employers offer a settlement agreement to employees when they are leaving their job and there has been, or could be some kind of dispute. For example, there’s been a performance issue at work and your employer hasn’t followed disciplinary procedures or you‘ve raised a grievance at work and it…

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