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A win for the ‘Gig economy?’- UK Supreme court rules Deliveroo Riders are not employees

After 7 years of litigation, the ruling is clear. Deliveroo riders cannot be recognised as employees with five judges claiming the contracts between riders and the company did not constitute an “employment relationship” because riders were able to use another person to cover their deliveries without Deliveroo’s involvement plus riders are free to reject offers of work, to make themselves unavailable and to undertake work for competitors.

Which, as many of us know, isn’t a regular employee and employer relationship


Buying or selling a care home? Read this!

Our team of corporate solicitors based in our Brighton office recently brought their expertise in buying and selling care homes to the fore to assist a client with the multi-million pound purchase of a company which holds a substantial residential care home in Sussex.


Flexible Working – Can you ask for it?

The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023 is awaiting ‘Royal Assent’.  This means that, whilst it’s not currently law it will be coming soon.  So what do the new changes bring?  


Slander on Springwatch Star

Chris Packham has been awarded £90,000 in damages after winning his libel defamation case against Squire Magazine. Mr Packham, a naturalist and presenter of Springwatch, was accused of misleading people to donate to a tiger rescue charity.


Can your marriage or relationship with the boss be a ground for a discrimination claim…?

Ms Bacon, a director and shareholder of Advanced Fire Solutions Ltd (AFS), was married to Mr Bacon, its managing director and majority shareholder. When their marriage broke down (instigated by Ms Bacon) Mr Bacon, with the support of the MD of AFS (Mr Ellis), dismissed Ms Bacon under rather spurious allegations in relation to the misuse of company IT and a baseless report to the police. Ms Bacon lodged a claim against the MD in the employment tribunal who agreed that she had been discriminated against because of her marriage (and subsequent breakdown) to Mr Bacon. Mr Ellis appealed the decision in the EAT.

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