Do you want to start a charity, but are not sure whether it should be a standard charity or a Community Interest Company (CIC)?

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Are you running a charity or CIC, but have legal compliance or other issues, for example in relation to directors’ or members’ rights and duties. Maybe you need to change your governing documents?

At ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW we are very experienced in dealing with charities and CICs and understand how they operate. If you are planning to start a charity, we can advise whether a CIC may be more suitable for your circumstances and objectives, or whether another form of charity is more appropriate. We are familiar with the legal regulations governing charities and CICs. You may want to change your governing documents, close or even merge a charity and at ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW we will be able to assist you with these and any other issues you have.

We are familiar with particular issues that face charities. If you are running an unincorporated charity with no limitation on its liability, it is crucial to remember that the trustees may be personally liable should there be a claim against the charity. Therefore the right solution for you may be setting up a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). CIOs are designed specifically for charities to be registered with the Charity Commission. While a CIO is a charity, its incorporated status means that it is a separate ‘legal entity’ and can therefore contract in its own name. The liability of members of a CIO is also limited. Our experts at ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW will be happy to give you advice and assistance.

We will take an interest in more than just the documents we are drafting for you, and seek to give you holistic advice that will assist you to run your charity successfully. If you would like to discuss any questions you have about your charity, please get in touch with us, or book one of our free legal MOTs.

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