Acumen HR Solicitors Scheme

Every business needs employment law and HR support, but not every business has the luxury to have such support in-house.

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The Acumen HR Solicitor Scheme means that you can for as little as £700 (+VAT) pcm! You will have your own HR Solicitor and we will be there for all your employment and HR needs (see list below).

How does it work?

For a fixed monthly fee, you get your own in-house ACUMEN HR Solicitor Scheme for a fixed number of hours per year. If you are faced with circumstances which mean that you go over your fixed hours in one year you’ll get a discounted hourly rate because you are a member of the Scheme.

As an induction to the scheme we’ll visit your office to meet your team and familiarise ourselves with your business allowing us to understand your business culture, requirements and how we can improve your business performance and reduce your business risk.

HR35 Solicitor Scheme

Your business will be granted 35 hours a year for a payment of £700.00 (+ VAT) a month. Your hourly rate under the HR35 Solicitor Scheme is effectively reduced by 20% to £240.00 (+VAT).

HR70 Solicitor Scheme

Here your business will benefit from 70 hours a year for a payment of £1,200.00 (+ VAT) a month. Under HR70 Solicitor Scheme your hourly rate is reduced by over 30% to just £205.60 (+VAT).

HR100 Solicitor Scheme

If your business is handling a high volume of transactions and it could use a frequent and on-going pair of legal eyes, then this scheme will provide your business with 100 hours a year for a payment of £1,650.00 (+ VAT) a month. The hourly rate under the HR100 Solicitor Scheme comes to £198.00 (+VAT), that’s a 34% reduction.

HR125 Solicitor Scheme

If you could do with an in-house legal support, but not quite enough to incur the high cost of recruitment and high wage pay for an in-house lawyer, then this scheme is for you. Under this Scheme your business will benefit from 125 hours a year, for a payment of £1,995.00 (+ VAT) a month. Joining the HR125 Solicitor Scheme means that the hourly rate paid is just over £191.00 (+VAT), providing you with over 36% discount.

What’s covered?

This scheme covers you for everything Employment Law related, including:

  • ongoing support with all your queries;
  • drafting of contracts and policies;
  • training managers to ensure compliance with employment law requirements;
  • keeping you up to date with all the employment law changes as they happen; and
  • regularly advising you on:
    • disciplinary and grievance procedures;
    • redundancy or restructuring;
    • sickness absence management;
    • settlement agreements;
    •  discrimination or tribunal claims.

The scheme is tailored to your needs; you use it to suit you and we’ll guide you every step of the way whether it is a quick call or a face to face meeting.

Real value for money

We offer superior affordable HR and Employment Law expertise at a fraction of the cost of an internal HR department. Extra value and peace of mind comes with the security and knowledge that qualified solicitors are dealing with your Employment and HR needs.

ACUMEN HR Solicitors are legally qualified employment law specialists with a wealth of commercial, professional and emotional intelligence to provide superior HR and Employment Law services for your business.

Acting as your dedicated in-house HR department or as a support mechanism for your current HR team, we will provide guidance and legal advice on your HR obligations and give you step by step support on how to implement them.

ACUMEN HR SOLICITORS – Experts on board

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW provides FREE initial Employment Consultations for Businesses as well as offering a free Legal MOT. If you have a query regarding employment law issues, or your legal responsibilities as an employer, please call to speak to an Employment Solicitor on 01273 447065.

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“We have used Acumen Business Law several times, not once have they failed to deliver the right result. Highly recommended.”

Kevin Byrne, Checkatrade