Acumen Legal Director Scheme

Appoint your own Acumen Legal Director from £700.00 (+VAT) a month.

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How does it work?

Under the Acumen Legal Director Scheme, you get your own legal director allocated to your business and this is how it works:

Your Acumen Legal Director, together with the whole Acumen team of experts behind them, will be dedicated to your business to ensure it has the legal protection and support it needs.

Your business will be granted a number of hours a year under your selected Legal Director Scheme (LDS in short), saving you thousands of pounds on legal expenditure. Bearing in mind business lawyers’ hourly rate is at about £300 (+VAT) on average, the savings under LDS are truly substantial.

The first step is to select a scheme suitable for the level of legal assistance you require from the four available schemes:


Your business will be granted 35 hours a year for a payment of £700.00 (+ VAT) a month. Your hourly rate under the LDS35 is effectively reduced by 20% to £240.00 (+VAT).


Here your business will benefit from 70 hours a year for a payment of £1,200.00 (+ VAT) a month. Under LDS70 your hourly rate is reduced by over 30% to just £205.60 (+VAT).


If your business is handling a high volume of transactions and it could use a frequent and on-going pair of legal eyes, then this scheme will provide your business with 100 hours a year for a payment of £1,650.00 (+ VAT) a month. The hourly rate under the LDS100 comes to £198.00 (+VAT), that’s a 34% reduction.


If you could do with an in-house legal support, but not quite enough to incur the high cost of recruitment and high wage pay for an in-house lawyer, then this scheme is for you. Under this LDS your business will benefit from 125 hours a year, for a payment of £1,995.00 (+ VAT) a month. Joining LDS125 means that the hourly rate paid is just over £191.00 (+VAT), providing you with over 36% discount.

Above all that, as you are a member of the Legal Director Scheme, any time you may need over and above your allocated hours will be provided to you at a 10% discount.

What can you spend the legal director scheme hours on?

You can use the hours on:

  • Telephone calls;
  • Meetings attendance at our offices (and travel if not at our offices);
  • Written correspondence (emails, letters, etc.);
  • Documents perusal and analysis;
  • Documents drafting; and
  • Legal advice & support.

You can use these hours to rely on us to provide you with expert advice and peace of mind when dealing with issues such as:

  • Your Corporate Structure, such as Shareholders Agreement, Joint Venture and Partnerships;
  • Your people, including your employees’ contracts, staff handbook, on-going
  • HR support as well as any employment disputes that may arise;
  • Your legal relationships with third parties such as freelancers, customers & terms of business, suppliers, agents, etc.; and
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Brand Protection including, trademarks, assignment of rights; NDAs, confidentiality protection.

As you can see, you can use the Legal Director Scheme on all areas of law we specialise in, excluding court cases, other contentious proceedings or other types of alternative dispute resolution procedure such as mediation or arbitration.

Basically, for the fixed monthly fee you get your own Acumen Legal Director who is a solicitor specialising in Business Law operating as your in-house business lawyer to provide you with ad-hoc “on demand” legal assistance for up to 35 hours a year under the LDS35 (see above) and 70 hours a year under the LDS70 (see above).

Keep your professional image

Having a Legal Director on board means that all your legal transactions, contracts and deal negotiations are handled by experts. This will complement your professional image in the eyes of your customers, suppliers, business contacts and your competitors.

Explore business opportunities

An expert can use the law to your advantage by identifying business prospects for you that would not have been apparent otherwise. Think of all the business opportunities that may be staring in the face of the non-expert and are missed out.

How about on-going HR support?

If you just need to outsource your HR support, why not subscribe to our ACUMEN HR Solicitor Scheme.

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“We have used Acumen Business Law several times, not once have they failed to deliver the right result. Highly recommended.”

Kevin Byrne, Checkatrade