Legal MOT

In our Free Legal MOT session you will meet one of our Commercial Solicitors (at no cost) to discuss all the legal aspects of your business.

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These legal aspects include:

  • using the law to your business advantage;
  • brand Protection & TM;
  • legal essentials to secure your business;
  • guidance on contracts with clients, suppliers and other parties; Employment Law issues;
  • cost effective dispute mitigation; and
  • other specific legal queries you may have.

The Legal MoT comprises of five key areas. Whether you are a sole trader or you are a big employer, the same five areas apply. The only difference is that the bigger the business the more complex each area becomes, nevertheless the same areas of law apply to all.

If you would like to book a Free Legal MOT with one of our Commercial Solicitors please complete the form.

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“We have used Acumen Business Law several times, not once have they failed to deliver the right result. Highly recommended.”

Kevin Byrne, Checkatrade