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Slander on Springwatch Star

Chris Packham has been awarded £90,000 in damages after winning his libel defamation case against Squire Magazine. Mr Packham, a naturalist and presenter of Springwatch, was accused of misleading people to donate to a tiger rescue charity.


Can your marriage or relationship with the boss be a ground for a discrimination claim…?

Ms Bacon, a director and shareholder of Advanced Fire Solutions Ltd (AFS), was married to Mr Bacon, its managing director and majority shareholder. When their marriage broke down (instigated by Ms Bacon) Mr Bacon, with the support of the MD of AFS (Mr Ellis), dismissed Ms Bacon under rather spurious allegations in relation to the misuse of company IT and a baseless report to the police. Ms Bacon lodged a claim against the MD in the employment tribunal who agreed that she had been discriminated against because of her marriage (and subsequent breakdown) to Mr Bacon. Mr Ellis appealed the decision in the EAT.


Good Corp, B Corp

Ben Rose discusses the B Corp movement which is becoming a more and more prominent trend within the business of serving society and the environment. He discusses the essentials as well as what you need to arrange from a legal perspective.


Madeleine McCann’s parents lose court case against detective

Following the tragedy of the disappearance of Madeline McCann, there has been a great deal of speculation against the parents of Madeline. The case involved the parents and a Portuguese detective who wrote the bestselling book ‘Maddie: The Truth about the Lie’, alleging that Maddie’s parents were involved in her…


Do you really own your logo and brand?

Need a social media post? There is a template for that! A quick video introducing what your company does? The software has you covered. You can even customise most templates by applying your own brand colours to make it feel ‘yours’.
But is it really yours and do you really own your branding material if you have used a pre-existing template to create it?


It WAS… Rebekah Vardy’s Account!

After 3 years of arguments, including an over week long trial, today is the day where “Wagatha Christie” has finally been settled. The question of whether Colleen Rooney’s infamous twitter breakdown of how ‘Rebekah Vardy allegedly leaked her personal life to the tabloid press’ was a libellous assault of Rebekah Vardy had all come down to this moment.


Renter Reform: No more no-fault evictions

Do you rent privately through a landlord or are you a private landlord? If so, you will be interested in the game-changing ‘Renters Reform Bill’ which is set to drastically change the landscape of private renting. The reform imposes more obligations on landlords but also brings clarity and support to landlords with the provision of a private-renters’ ombudsman to settle disputes.


All about Franchising- A Quick Guide

Franchising is a business format whereby a licence is granted enabling the licensee to trade their own business under the brand of the franchisor. It can be beneficial for both parties involved and can really help with the expansion of a company…

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