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Getting your website and data policies right

There are seven core data protection principles that a data compliant business should have in mind throughout their business from the very first contact. These include ensuring processing is ‘fair, lawful and transparent’. When it comes to a privacy policy or a cookies policy this is you opportunity to be…


Why Register a Trade Mark?

A trade mark can be an important and valuable asset of your business and once registered will ensure your hard work and reputation are protected for years to come!  Registration of a trade mark is a proactive step towards not only protecting your business and brand but also adding value…


Court Rules Uber drivers are workers

The long awaited decision from the Supreme Court on whether Uber drivers are workers or self-employed individuals has been handed down in a decision which is likely to affect many gig economy businesses across the UK. It upheld the driver’s claim that they are workers and entitled to some employment…


Buying or selling a business –share purchase or asset purchase

Written by Alvin Ittoo, Head of Corporate As a team that specialises in assisting buyers and sellers of businesses, one of the most common questions we get relates to the difference between an asset and share sale or purchase. Both structures can help you achieve the objective of buying or selling…


Brexit and its direct effect on your business Trade Mark

On the 1st of January 2021 the UK will be leaving the European Union and with the possibility of a No-Deal Brexit, it is more important than ever to assess the impact that this may have. The focus of this post will be about the impacts this will have on…


Data Protection after Brexit?

Following the UK leaving the EU, the looming end of the transition period at the end of the year and the challenges that we have all faced this year with Covid-19 you would have been forgiven for not paying attention to the impacts that a No-Deal Brexit has in regards…

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