ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW is in The Observer this Sunday!

03 May 2008

This is a further affirmation of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW being an award winning, innovative and dynamic Law Firm, providing legal services in a way different to other law firms.

Don’t miss your chance to see us and other UK rising stars in this weekend’s Observer.

In a special supplement to the Observer Newspaper this Sunday, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW will be featured as a UK rising star. A panel of inspirational judges in partnership with Courvoisier® The Future 500, selected those who have achieved significant success in their field. 

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In an era where technology is reshaping industries, businesses are finding themselves at the crossroads of innovation and responsibility. As a forward-thinking law firm, we understand the transformative power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and how this can be integrated into a business and its current practices. We are also aware of the potential grey areas and pitfalls working with A.I. may have, and why it there may be a critical need for businesses to implement comprehensive A.I. policies.


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Which, as many of us know, isn’t a regular employee and employer relationship

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