Print & Digital Media

Digital platforms have become essential to commercial markets and are fundamental to the development of business opportunities in the future.

We understand the evolution of digital business and can provide tailored advice to our clients on the legal and regulatory context they operate in.

We have unrivalled knowledge of the law relating to print media and have given educational presentations on a range of subjects, including defamation.

ACUMEN MEDIA LAW provides a comprehensive service to media companies who are active in the digital and print sectors. We can advise Content Aggregators, Content Owners Online Digital Providers, Mobile Operators, Television and Radio Broadcasters, Digital Retailers and Publishers and public figures.

We can on advise on:

  • Compliance with Internet Law
  • Data Protection Laws
  • Digital Content Licensing & Related Rights
  • Defamation & Privacy
  • Clearance of Copyright Materials for Print Publication
  • Publishing Agreements