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In today’s market place your intellectual property (IP) is your biggest asset.

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Perhaps now, more than ever, IP can play a greater role in the development of your business. It is crucial to understand IP, recognise what rights you have, how best to protect them, and consider ways in which they can generate revenue to help move your business forward.

If you are an IT business, the intellectual property within your technology is most likely your largest asset. Protect it as you would with any other tangible asset. To protect your knowledge bank you may need to have one of the following:

  • Application Service Agreements,
  • Leasing Agreements,
  • Licence Agreements,
  • Maintenance Agreements,
  • Master Development Agreements,
  • Online Services Agreements,
  • Service Level Agreements,
  • Software Agreements,
  • Systems Integration Agreements,
  • Websites Agreements
  • and such other contractual arrangements that will protect your technology.

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