Business Contracts

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW our commercial lawyers are highly skilled in providing the right contract for your business.

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Here are just some of the documents we produce to support your business:

Your contracts with third parties

Agency Agreements; Business Sale Agreements; Confidentiality Agreements; Distribution Agreements; Escrow Arrangements; Franchise Agreements; Licence Agreements; Loan Agreements; Non-Disclosure Agreements; Novation Agreements; Outsourcing Agreements, Service Agreements; Sub-Contracts; Supply Agreements and other Business Agreements.

Your contracts with your own representatives

Consultancy/Freelancer Agreements; Employee Share Schemes; Employment Contracts; Directors’ Services Agreements; Directors’ Guarantees; Partnership Agreements; Shareholders’ Agreements and such other internal agreements as relevant to your business. Why not get your legal documents drafted at a reduced rate? Click on My ACUMEN Legal Director Scheme to find out more.

Your standard terms & conditions of business

If you do not enter into an individual contract with each of your clients you will need to have a standard Terms & Conditions of Business document in place. This document is crucial, as it will govern all your client transactions. If you do not have such terms, you may be bound by the other side’s terms & conditions.

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