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The Freedom Revolution takes Amazon by storm!

The brand new inspirational business book by Penina Shepherd is now available and after only 5 days of being published on it is at the top 5 bestsellers! (Well at number 4 actually but who’s counting?!  We are!).

In this book Penina, a multi award winning entrepreneur, business lawyer and founder of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW explains how she set up the firm on a shoestring budget, in a tough recession, with a newborn third child and a life threatening illness. In The Freedom Revolution, she shares her compelling story and approach to being remarkable in this new and extraordinary business world.

When Penina saw the Amazon rankings she said, “I was so delighted with the warm embrace by the business community. It is fantastic to see it so well received and see the book at the top five next to some legendary business books. I hope it inspires as many people as possible to join the revolution.”

So often you see passionate business people who are pursuing their purpose in business but with no proper financial remuneration. While you see others who are stuck in the rat race constantly chasing more money, disregarding their passion and always feeling that ‘something is missing’.  Now this is all changing. Now there's a revolution - The Freedom Revolution!

The Freedom Revolution is a visionary book written in a quirky, intimate and, engaging manner. It will inspire you to:

Escape  the never-ending rat race
Overcome the fears that paralyse you from ‘giving it a go’ 
Be remarkable and stand out in a  sea of mediocrity
Negate  the odds and make them work in your favour
Thrive on your passion and love what you do 
Enjoy financial successful, and...
Be free!

When your business life is aligned with your core values, purpose and passion; that’s when you know that freedom has trumped fear. You feel enlightened, present and full of consciousness. 

You feel alive like you have never felt before.  

Now, more than ever, it is the time to set yourself free and join the revolution!

“As an entrepreneur I wholeheartedly agree with Penina’s views of the modern revolutionary entrepreneur. If you take her words to heart, you can follow your dream and be profitable.”
Kevin Byrne, Entrepreneur & Founder of Checkatrade and Checkaprofessional

“The Freedom Revolution, an inspiring book written in an engaging, quirky and intimate manner, offers a profound insight into our core as business people. It exposes the real ‘asset’ we all have freely available to become remarkably successful changemakers in business.”
Dee Blick, FCIM International Bestselling Author

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"...we have used Acumen Business Law several times, not once have they failed to deliver the right result. Highly recommended."
Kevin Byrne | Checkatrade
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Nigel Pamplin | Prime Education
"...Acumen has proven to be an essential and trusted partner for the last 4 years. Through their advice, assistance and top quality work has consistently delivered excellent ROI..."
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Richard Smith | Tegen Ltd
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Jonathan Glendenning | Summer Rain Films Ltd
"I have used ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW on many occasions since switching to them. They’re a real breath of fresh air and they get the job done. I just wish I had come across them beforehand."
Joakim Roth | Light Foot LED
"We have used ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW and have been absolutely delighted with the level of understanding of our business that they have..."
Jon Clayson | Hunters Letting Limited

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