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Checkatrade, the leading UK online directory, based in Selsey, has come under the ownership of the HomeServe Group with the final valuation close to £90m. On Friday 17 November, HomeServe acquired the remaining 60 per cent of Checkatrade and the deal was completed. 

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW is very proud to have played its part in this transaction been the company’s legal representative for several years up to and during the sale.

Chris Boakes, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW’s Director and Head of Corporate, commented, “After working with Checkatrade for nearly a decade, it was extremely rewarding to be an integral part of this important stage in its life cycle. Working alongside the founder, Kevin Byrne, a long term client of Acumen and a good business friend, and his management team was a tremendous experience as the sale  was certainly more than a ‘financial transaction’.”

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW has worked with Checkatrade and Founder Kevin Byrne since 2008. Over this time we have seen the incredible growth that the company has achieved. Kevin was a key contributor to our Founder’s, Penina Shepherd, recent book The Freedom Revolution. He was also the guest speaker at the prestigious annual ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION in May 2016. Kevin inspired the audience with his incredible business story of how he took an idea with no investment to provide fully vetted tradespeople and made Checkatrade the market leader in the UK and the massive success that it is today.  The business has incredible CSR credentials and staff wellbeing, as well as creating the Checkatrade Foundation, to support those in need and help charities carry out vital work.

The entire team of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW would like to congratulate and wish all future success to Kevin, the Checkatrade team and the Homeserve Group.
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