About Tyson Fury, Trademarking and Food…

14 March 2022

What do Trademarking, Tyson Fury, and ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW have in common? Plenty!

In recent news, Tyson agreed to tie in with Iceland for his upcoming energy foods and drinks range, Furocity, with plans to include pizzas, pastries, and confectionery products in the near future.

Although we have not personally tried the Furocity range yet, we sure think Tyson’s trademarking strategy is a winning punch.

Why Trademark?

Imagine working tirelessly on your business idea for the last months or even years. It is innovative and ready to take over the market and gain all the recognition it deserves. Are you certain your idea cannot be fabricated and stolen by someone else?

This is where trademarking comes in!

You may have thought that registering your business name on Companies House and securing your domain with a register will be enough to assure exclusivity and safety for your business but not always. As you grow your business you will come across people who will want to jump on your success and may infringe or copy your business idea, brand, patent. Trademark registration can legally protect your business identity and/or products from potential infringers and it is a relatively inexpensive process.

A simple search can identify if there are any issues before you embark on the expense of designing your logo and brand image. This is something you can do today by looking at the GOV site: https://www.gov.uk/search-for-trademark

If it looks like your idea is unique and one of a kind then act quickly and make it legally yours by registering it. We can get this sorted for you for a fixed fee. The registration lasts for ten years and can be renewed for further periods of ten years, subject to the payment of renewal fees.

Are you too late…?

Maybe you’ve already been trading for a year and your business has picked up but you completely omitted the process of trademarking. What now?

If you think you may have an issue with an existing brand or business then take a moment to consider all possibilities. Getting in touch with a solicitor is a good first step. We understand that it is disappointing when a year into trading a business receives a request to cease and desist or faces legal action. Failure to adequately check rights can prove costly and force the expense of re-branding.

Prevention is better than cure but if you found yourself in an unpleasant situation and need help dealing with a cease and desist then our disputes team can assist: https://www.acumenbusinesslaw.co.uk/services/dispute-resolution/

Be like Tyson, protect what’s yours…

Tyson’s trademarking team has considered all loopholes by securing rights to go worldwide and expand into various consumables- a smart move if you are also looking to grow. Think about the following:

1) What goods do you sell, or are intending to sell in the future? It is important that you only include the goods/services you intend to use the mark on now and within the next 5 years. The inclusion of goods/services on which the mark is not used within 5 years can result in unnecessary costly legal action later.

2) Where will you need your trademark to work? It is possible to use your UK trademark and register worldwide in countries that have signed up to the Madrid System. The Madrid Protocol is a treaty between member countries that allows for a streamlined process to file international registration of trademarks. These include the USA, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern European countries.
3) Consider the different types of trademarks that may be a good choice for you. A Service Mark will be suitable if you offer services. Maybe your products are unique and quirky in their design, then a Trade Dress could be the one. Not sure which one will be best? Give us a call…

What Next?

If you think that Trademarking affect your business please feel free to get in touch with James Sheath by telephone at 01273 447 065 or drop us a line here: https://www.acumenbusinesslaw.co.uk/contact/

Our Trademark team is sure to beat* other firms to the ground without exceptionally responsive service and reliable fixed fee quotes that won’t put you and your business to the ground.

*Please note, we mean ‘beat’ metaphorically. The Acumen team is a very friendly and peaceful bunch!

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