Why Register a Trade Mark?

08 March 2021

A trade mark can be an important and valuable asset of your business and once registered will ensure your hard work and reputation are protected for years to come! 

Registration of a trade mark is a proactive step towards not only protecting your business and brand but also adding value to the business for the future. A trade mark allows you to convey the message of ‘I made this’ and provide reassurance of the quality of your brand. Once the Mark is successfully registered not only will you have the protection conferred by the registration, but also the ability to authorise or licence others to use the Mark as a means of generating revenue.

Most importantly, you will also have the right to sue anyone who uses the Mark, or a confusingly similar one, without your authorisation in respect of the goods and services. In addition you will also have the right to prevent any identical or similar applications which can act as a deterrent for third parties. Without a trademark you have to rely on the law of passing off which is inherently more difficult to pursue, requires extensive evidence and can be a lengthy and costly process. 

Therefore a strong brand with registered protection can greatly increase the value of your business should you decide to sell. A brand that has enforceable rights to prevent copying, and can be exploited as a source of income, will always be more attractive to buyers or investors. Our corporate and IP lawyers often work closely with clients to ensure that their brand is protected with suitable trade marks in order to underpin the value of their business when coming to sell. Conversely, when acting for buyers of a business, brand protection will often form a key part of the due diligence process and if proper protections, such as appropriate trade marks, are not put in place this can undermine the value of the business.

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