05 February 2018

The 1st February Academy session covered a plethora of practical and essential tips on preparing for the GDPR regulations and how to utilise this making it an opportunity in regards to your business data and your contacts.

With the room absolutely packed full, everybody was keen to find out just exactly what they need to have in place for the new GDPR regulations coming in to force on May 25th.

Our expert Benjamin Rose, kicked off the session breaking down the important changes that must be in place and dispelling some myths that have panicked people so far. He gave a concise and clear overview of what is required to have in place in regards to GDPR and the upcoming deadline.

Following on guest speaker Stefan Buss from Storm12 gave a very interesting insight on how direct mail is now the stand out method to get in touch and can be a very effective way to engage with your contacts or prospective clients. Stefan shared some innovative ideas on how to market your business within the GDPR compliance.

Attendees got the additional benefit of expert tips on how to protect your business data so that you are safeguarded from and in the event of a breach. Alvin Ittoo, Dispute Resolution Solicitor at ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW shared some examples of cases where data had been breached, how they were dealt with and most importantly how the situations can be best avoided. It brought home how easily a breach of data can happen but also can be protected and ready if action is needed.

It was a lively session with many questions being answered. The Academy provides access to great learning, sharing best practice and of course a fantastic opportunity to network on common ground.
For more information on how GDPR will affect you and your business specifically we offer a meeting (for which we don’t charge) to get a full understanding on how your business operates to be able to advise you on what changes, if any, you need to make to ensure your business is compliant. We then put together a GDPR Report for you that focuses on two elements:

(1) An explanation of what the GDPR legislation is all about. There is so much information and misconception out there and a lot of confusion and the Report explains it in greater detail; and, the second and most important part

(2) An assessment of your business’ legal position and analyses the obligations and applicability of the GDPR to your business specifically. What is it that you need to change or add to ensure your activity is in line with the GDPR requirements? It includes practical steps that are necessary and, where applicable, wordings that are required to ensure compliance.

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